The Coronavirus pandemic has forced everyone to change how we do some things to help stop the virus spreading and to look out for the health of our guests, ourselves, and our wider Highland Perthshire community.

First and foremost, your safety, comfort and enjoyment of your stay at Derrybeg remain our top priority. With a new World order now in place since the pandemic, we want to reassure you that you can have complete confidence when booking a stay with us.

We have been working hard throughout lock-down to develop the following new policies and measures which all adhere to the new Government guidelines. In line with these new regulations, we have completed our own “Coronavirus Risk Assessment” and can confirm that our coronavirus protocols have been approved by Visit Scotland as "Good to Go".

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Your agreement to follow these new procedures and extra measures whilst staying with us is kindly requested and now forms part of the terms and conditions of your Derrybeg booking.


For the foreseeable future, to ensure better social distancing, we will be reducing the capacity of Derrybeg from eight rooms down to a maximum of five rooms only.

This will result in a maximum of only ten people (five couples) within the property at any one time.

We will ask you for an approximate arrival time and where necessary, may ask you to move your time slightly to avoid another guest’s arrival. We would usually open the front door for you personally. If we see you arriving in the carpark, weather permitting, we will open the front door for you and then stand back into the reception area. Please could you distance by at least 1m if possible.

If you do arrive at the same time as another guest, please wait in your car until they have moved to allow social distancing. Likewise, if you arrive at the front door and see someone in reception please wait until they have moved on.

Hand sanitiser is available at the front door and in reception which we encourage you to use when you enter the building and as much as possible. We will require a contact mobile telephone number if we do not already have it. We will have to keep this number on file just in case we have to contact you regarding a possible Covid-19 breakout at Derrybeg. This is part of the Government's Test & Protect initiative; we are required to retain your details to facilitate any Track and Trace enquires we may receive.

If you do not require luggage assistance, we will not come to the room with you and instead will direct you.

If you do require luggage assistance, we will sanitise our hands before and after and will stay at least 1 plus metre apart.


A welcome letter on your bed will explain our policy on Covid-19 and anything else that we think you may need.

Decorative Cushions and Bed end runners will have been removed from the room to make cleaning and sanitising easier. All cleaning and sanitising at Derrybeg will be carried out with an emphasis on high contact areas such as chairs, remote controls, doors and doorknobs, windows, lights and lighting controls, clothes hangers, and doors. Bathroom drains will be disinfected after each departure.

Glasses, mugs, and spoons will all be removed and washed after each departure, regardless of whether they have been used. All linen and towels will be removed from departure rooms, whether they have been used.

We will be sanitising all our room hairdryers, but cannot clean the internals, we therefore recommend you bring your own hairdryer with you for use for additional peace of mind. If you need to use our bedroom hairdryer you do so at your own risk.

Your room will have been thoroughly sanitized via a vaporised spray ahead of your arrival.

All white linen and towels in your room are supplied by our laundry supplier. Al items have been laundered at high temperatures in line with the commercial laundry industry.

We would ask you to wash and sanitise your hands when leaving your bedroom.


With reduced occupancy Derrybeg will have only five tables for two people in our large dining room, all of which will be spaciously positioned.

We will be offering a pre order menu and kindly ask you to make your breakfast choices the evening before and leave your choices for us on the reception table before 9:00pm

Due to Government guidelines we cannot currently offer a cold buffet selection, these will be served to your table instead.

Our jams, marmalades, butter and sauces will be in either sachets or single serve saucers and will be brought to the table on request.


Should you become unwell during your stay at Derrybeg with any of the symptoms: fever, persistent cough, loss of taste or smell, you must notify us immediately. In line with government guidance, you will be asked to leave the premises immediately to self-isolate at your own home or a recommended safe place. Please note, as Derrybeg is a bed and breakfast business only, we are unable to offer services for prolonged stays of self-isolation.

Derrybeg is now run and operated by us, we have no other staff assisting us. We will be operating with visors and face coverings for your and our own protection.

Should you wish to use our guest lounge or dining room during your stay, please maintain social distancing of at least 1m when doing so.

Should an outbreak of Coronavirus occur at Derrybeg, we would obviously need to close for a minimum 14-day period and would need to cancel any bookings straight away.


All points included in this summary of Derrybeg protocols are based upon the current government information. All points are subject to change and more points or restrictions may be added or removed depending upon the advice we are provided.

Should you have any questions before your stay or arrival, please get in touch via e-mail at: or by calling us on 01796 472 070